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Conveyor Rollers

Conveyor Rollers: We offer wide range of Rubber Conveyor Rollers with our wide experience and knowledge, we are now involved in manufacturing and exporting a wide range of Rubber Rollers in the world. These are considered as the basic accessory of almost every machine in processing. The rollers are free from all chemical effects and are anti-static. These are perfect abrasion resistant and are durable in nature. Our products gives best printing results with long lasting service.


  • Diameter up to 650 mm, Length up to 8000 mm
  • Printing / Impression of Rollers
  • Long Life
  • Best Printing Result
  • Maximum color registration
  • Minimum or No Chemical effect
  • Anti-Static

Lamination Roller Goal:

  • Non-stick properly of the roller surface
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Good cut growth resistance
  • Higher working temperature suitability

Printing and Impression of Rollers

We achieve it by:
  • Giving appropriate hardness depending on type of printing
  • Wide range of coating to counter chemical and solvent effort
  • Outstanding rubber surface finish without porosity
  • Uniform hardness all over surface within = 1 shore “A” variation
  • No run out on finished diameter with reference to bearing size