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Air Expanding Shaft

Air Expanding Shaft These devices are used for winding and unwinding operations in various industries such as plastic, paper & packaging, polyester, film, foil, rolling mills, tyre, textile process etc. Quality Performance Air-shaft – A perfect match to fulfil your applications’ needs. AIR SHAFT – Lug Type provides excellent performance for winding applications in the greatest range of Winding-Unwinding Process.Lug type Air shaft means it has bladder down the centre which helps to provide more quality in work. Air shaft Specification: BODY: Aluminium & M.S.SIZE: Shaft O.D. 3”/4”/6”/8”/12”Length : Up to 4000 mm LUG DETAILS: 100% Rubber / PU / MS LugMS END SHAFT: MS End Shaft PERFORMANCE INDICATORS: Proven World Class 100% Customer Satisfaction Ratio